Join to us!

Do you like to develop and learn about new technologies?
Do you like everyday contact with people who have a sense of humor and are not “stiff collars”?
Do you like the environment close to Start-Up projects?
Are you angry when your ideas are notoriously postponed to a drawer?
Do you like to have contact not only with the code but also with physical devices?
Or maybe you just have some free time and want to use it interestingly?

What are we guided by?

We appreciate the experience. We like working with people with a chosen path of development. The most important for us are self-fulfillment and satisfaction with the work of people with whom we cooperate.

A good working atmosphere is important to us.

We want to work in a nice and friendly atmosphere, where everyone is at “you” and where you can drink beer with the president, eating a grilled sausage. And also at any time to talk about topics bothering us.

If we do something, we do it well.

If we start a project, we assume that we will do it properly. We stick to all the rules of art and never undertake the project “on yesterday”.

We choose interesting projects.

We like challenges. That is why we undertake interesting projects, most often created in our company from scratch. Finally, you can forget about maintaining a 10-year legacy code, which even the oldest highlanders do not understand.

We focus on development.

We want everyone at Innome to be better each day. That’s why we focus on doing things according to the best rules. We share the knowledge we have.

Not just coding ...

Do you like to code but sometimes it bores you? We run projects that are based on hardware solutions where the designed devices are an important element. Make code for real solutions, not virtual ones.